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About Us

Quality, Integrity, Values

All backed with over 33 years of satisfied customers.

GMC Cabinetry & Construction started out, as most company's do; with a dream to give customers what they wanted, with a quality they would be proud of.  As the company grew, we did not want to lose that personal contact with the customer, so even though we can compete with the "Big Dogs", we are committed to personal service with quality craftsmanship.



Greg Codde is the type of Owner who is a " hands on" kind of a guy who never wants to be too big to get his hands dirty.  “I've been blessed to have been exposed to many different aspects of the construction industry. I have worked on very large projects as well as very small ones, and have enjoyed them all.


Cabinetry kitchen


Company History



We have been involved in the construction industry for over 33 years.  We specialize in Cabinetry of all types, as well as all types of remodeling.


What you can expect

When you call GMC Cabinetry & Construction, you will get the personal attention you deserve.  The owner is who comes out to your place and it is the owner who will walk you through the process and you will never be handed off to unfamiliar people. You will not have a "salesperson" do the bid and then never hear from them again, only to be frustrated by miss communication with the ones actually doing the work.  The owner does the design, the bid and work so there is never a loss of what is wanted, is what is delivered.